Notice of Closure

It is with regret that we must inform you that we shall not be able to provide our Recycling collections’ Service after 5pm on Monday the 31st March 2014. Neither shall we be able to receive any deliveries of recyclate brought to our premises at unit 5, after that date. Our Confidential Shredding service will also end.

Due to factors beyond our control, it will be impossible to operate the Recycling Centre from the beginning of April 2014.

Following the loss of some large accounts over the last two years we have cut costs and been able to maintain staff levels although on shorter hours. We have rationalised our operations and managed to survive. However, we have received advice of a very large increase in our Insurance Premium, which has grown out of all proportion to the size of our business, despite having no claims against insurances held over our 25 years in business. This makes our business unsustainable.

We are therefore forced to close Aberystwyth Recycling Centre at 5pm on Monday the 31st March 2014.

We realise that we are giving very short notice, and apologise for this. We have received this news with little notice ourselves, and have been looking urgently for alternative solutions with other companies. However, it seems that this specialized market is underwritten by only one company, and we have had no success in our many enquiries. It seems the Recycling Sector carries a heavy risk for insurance companies.

We would like to thank you very much for your support over the years, and once again apologise for the very short notice of this unhappy event.

We shall have a period of closure and disposal so any correspondence can still be directed to the above address as usual. Please bring any outstanding account up to date by April 14th 2014 at the latest.

Ged Farnell, Managing Director

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